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“I will always be a Chicago Bull” – Michael Jordan’s heartfelt message to the Chicago Bulls and his former teammates

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Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan didn’t attend the Ring of Honor gala held at the United Center on Thursday, and he also won’t be attending the ceremony that will induct him and 12 others of the inaugural class for the organization.

However, the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) left a video message for the franchise owners, his former teammates, and the fans.

Although Jordan didn’t explain why he couldn’t attend the memorable weekend, he profusely thanked the team owners for coming up with the Ring of Honor.

“I want to thank Jerry Reinsdorf and Michael Reinsdorf for starting the Ring of Honor,” Jordan said. “I want to congratulate all the other recipients. I am so bummed that I can’t be there tonight, but I don’t want that to stop the fun that you guys are going to have.”

“And believe me, I am very grateful and very honored. To the fans, you guys have supported me ever since I stepped foot in Chicago. And even today, I see a lot of Chicago fans all over. So I think we made an impression and changed what Chicago represents in terms of champions.”

With Jordan at the helm of the Bulls’ charge through the league in the 90s, the team became a worldwide phenomenon, and Jordan became a household name. His incredible skills on the court and his unmatched determination to win brought six championships to Chicago and solidified the Bulls’ place in history as one of the greatest teams ever.

Lost glory

Although the franchise has yet to rediscover its championship ways, Jordan encouraged the city of Chicago and the team to remember their legacy and strive for excellence. In a city that is known for its tough streets and never-give-up attitude, Jordan embodied the spirit of Chicago and brought it to the forefront of the NBA.

“Every time you look up in the rafters, I want you to always remember, where we were and where we are. And we are always going to be champions. So, thank you, to the fans. Once again, I want to thank Jerry Reinsdorf and Michael Reinsdorf for doing this and congratulate the other recipients.”