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Warriors’ Steve Kerr explains reason for resting ‘wiped out’ Stephen Curry in Bucks clash

The Golden State Warriors traveled to face the Milwaukee Bucks after an intense win against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night. Golden State entered the Bucks game down five rotation players. Most notably, Steph Curry was ruled out. Steve Kerr explained the reason for Curry’s absence in their back-to-back.

Steph Curry is battling fatigue amid the Warriors’ intense stretch 

Steve Kerr addressed Curry’s status before the game in a press conference before the Bucks contest:

“He’s just wiped out right now. You know he’s been basically healthy all year and we’ve been relying on him heavily [for] a lot of games. He’s just worn out. He needs the night off,” Kerr explained, per NBC5 Warriors.

During a season of uncertainty, Steph Curry has arguably been the most consistent player on Golden State’s roster. The 35-year-old star averages 26.7 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game. He scored 27 points and dished nine assists in the Warriors’ nail-biter against the Bulls.

Curry’s effort in Chicago helped Golden State overcome their previous losing streak. Saturday night’s game against Milwaukee is a steep battle without him.

In addition to Curry, the Warriors are missing Chris Paul, Moses Moody, Gary Payton II, and Draymond Green. The Dubs are digging deep into their bench for the cross-conference matchup. So far, Golden State is holding their own, as they are up by two going into halftime.

Hopefully, Steph Curry’s body will be properly recovered for the Warriors’ next contest. Can the Dubs find a way to beat the almighty Bucks despite being undermanned?