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Magic Johnson Celebrates Wife Cookie’s 65th Birthday with a Heartfelt Video Tribute: ‘My Forever Love’

To celebrate Cookie Johnson’s 65th birthday, Magic Johnson wrote a touching message and posted it online. In an Instagram post, Johnson included a video montage with the caption:

“Happy Birthday to my forever love, my favor with God, and my wife, Cookie Johnson!”

When asked about Cookie, Magic said she was his “forever love” and his “favor with God.” He was grateful to have her in his life. To further recognize Cookie’s impact on his life, he used Proverbs 31:10:

According to Proverbs 31:10, a man’s best asset is his wife, and I am fortunate to have the best of them. I am thankful for the opportunity to share this life with you since you are an exquisite representation of God’s love and light.

When Magic Johnson announced his diagnosis and retired from the NBA in 1991, Cookie and Magic’s story started in the midst of hardship. Cookie’s steadfast encouragement throughout this difficult period demonstrated the depth of their relationship, which has since continued for more than three decades.

As a surprise for his wife, Magic Johnson took her on a tropical island getaway.

The legendary Magic Johnson threw a lavish party to commemorate his wife Cookie’s 65th birthday. They went to the Turks & Caicos Islands as a couple to commemorate the event. With spectacular fireworks and dancing, Magic went all out to make Cookie’s night one she will never forget.

Sharing images of the celebration and highlighting how he showered his wife with gifts and purses, Magic turned to his X handle to convey his excitement at witnessing her grin on her special day.

Along with the lavish celebration, Magic Johnson spoke highly of his wife, calling her his “forever love” and his “favor with God.” The statement from Magic mirrored their incredible journey together, highlighting how they supported one other through thick and thin.

On her birthday, he expressed his eagerness to witness the many blessings that the coming year would bring to Cookie, stressing that she was deserving of nothing less than the finest. The Johnsons’ major occasions have always been celebrated by Magic and Cookie.

In the same vein, they celebrated their 60th birthday with a star-studded bash and a sumptuous weekend getaway to St. Tropez, France.