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Malcolm Brogdon unhappy with how Celtics handled injury

Three months later, it remains to be seen just how Brogdon feels about the near deal after the point guard has stayed silent all summer. However, amid reports of his unhappiness, Ramona Shelburne of spoke about a surprising tidbit on NBA Today Wednesday involving Brogdon’s situation.

“I don’t think the bad feelings are over including him in any trade discussions,” Shelbourne said. “He’s a pro, he knows this stuff happens, he understood why those discussions are happening. If anything, there’s an expectation those discussions might restart.

“Any time your name is out there, it’s a little uncomfortable. I think a lot of this has to do with what’s going on with his elbow. He had that golfer’s elbow during the playoffs. There was some sense he might need to get surgery on it and he did not do that. There is a question of when he might be available, how’s he’s available. This is what you are going to pay Joe Mazzulla and Brad Stevens big money for. You have to mend some fences here. He’s on the team and I don’t think those trade talks anytime soon.”Both Stevens and Mazzulla have said this summer that they expect Brogdon’s elbow to be healthy enough to participate in camp. Mazzulla also acknowledged back in July that some healing needed to be done after the deal fell through.

“The organization has had a few conversations,” Mazzulla said after Jaylen Brown’s extension presser in July. “I think anytime you are in a situation like that and you are in a relationship, you just have to take some small steps into it. There is a healing process, there is a listening process and to see where we are at and where we have to get to.”

Brogdon is expected to remain in a sixth man role this season with Derrick White taking over starting point guard duties after Marcus Smart was traded. However, the team still has high hopes for Brogdon if he can stay healthy after a disappointing fashion to last postseason. Brogdon’s mindset and health bears watching with Celtics training camp set to open up on October 3rd in Boston.