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Lakers receive long-awaited positive development on coveted trade target

The Los Angeles Lakers’ desire for versatile guard Bruce Brown is no secret. After narrowly missing out on him in free agency due to a hefty offer from the Indiana Pacers, Brown finds himself back on the trade radar following his mid-season acquisition by the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors, committed to building around a young core, are reportedly open to deals for most players, including Brown. TSN’s Josh Lewenberg recently stated, “This is a team in transition, and even after a couple of big franchise-altering moves, Ujiri has made it clear that they’re not done dealing ahead of the Feb. 8 trade deadline. Multiple league sources have confirmed the obvious, the Raptors appear to be open for business, and outside of Barnes and the two former Knicks, everything and everyone is on the table,” Lewenberg writes. “If they can turn any of their vets – Trent, Dennis Schroder, Chris Boucher, the newly acquired Bruce Brown or perhaps even Poeltl – into picks or prospects that would help push the rebuild forward, it’s hard to see them passing that up.”

This news fuels speculation about a potential Lakers trade for Brown, a player ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has identified as their primary target since last season’s playoff loss. With the February 8th trade deadline approaching, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka is expected to be a busy man on the phone.

Why Brown Makes Sense for the Lakers:


Brown’s ability to defend multiple positions and contribute offensively would be a valuable asset for the Lakers, especially with LeBron James aging and Anthony Davis injury-prone.

Championship experience: 

Despite his young age, Brown has already reached the NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics and possesses the winning mentality the Lakers crave.


Compared to other trade targets like Dejounte Murray, Brown might be more attainable for the Lakers, who have limited draft capital.

Challenges and Questions:


 Other teams, like the Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks, are also reportedly interested in Brown.

Package construction:

 Sending players and picks to Toronto without impacting long-term cap flexibility will be a delicate task for Pelinka.

Adding both Brown and Murray?

 While intriguing, acquiring both Brown and Murray may be unrealistic due to potential trade demands from the Atlanta Hawks.