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Gіlbert Arenаѕ ріcks Kevіn Durаnt over Lаrry Bіrd- “The ’80ѕ wаs drugged uр”

In the aftermath of Kevin Durant pondering upon his rightful place in the GOAT debate, plenty of analysts have dissected the steps ‘The Slim Reaper’ must take to secure his place amongst the most elite.

Gilbert Arenas, speaking on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, emphasized the four-time scoring champ’s superiority over Larry Bird in the all-time rankings, and this according to Agent Zero is a compelling argument to certify KD’s place among the top 10 players of all time.

“Larry Bird got three consecutive MVPs with three titles and two Finals MVP. He got them in an era where Magic, Kareem, and Jordan,” Sharpe said. “Now, you told me Jordan ran the ’80s, but I know a white guy who couldn’t outrun a snail.”

As the former three-time Super Bowl Champion expressed his viewpoint, Arenas responded by stating, “The ’80s was drugged up. I can burn past a crackhead. A crackhead is not hard to get by. Some of those dudes were trying to hurry up and get their next fix. I do value his (Bird) greatness, but KD is a whole other beast.”

Arenas names Durant as the second-best forward of all time

Given the general consensus that LeBron James is often regarded as the greatest and most accomplished forward in NBA history, the former three-time All-Star emphasized his belief that Durant ranks as the second-greatest forward of all time, placing him above ‘Larry Legend.’

“I got him as the second-best small forward ever,” Arenas concluded.

Durant might need another title to supersede Bird

Despite being widely recognized as one of the league’s top shooters, it’s clear that Durant stands out as the more polished scorer when compared to the Indiana native. Moreover, Durant’s career average of 27.3 points per game on 50.0% shooting from the field outshines Bird’s 24.3 points per game, and his four scoring titles further solidify this comparison.

From an accolade standpoint, both players share the same number of Finals MVP awards and All-NBA selections. However, the Boston Celtics legend’s superior two-way prowess, evident in his three-time All-Defensive Team selections and one more title, set him apart.

Safe to say, to surpass Bird in the all-time ranking, Durant must secure another NBA championship to his name.