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25 Years After Moving On From the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman Returns to the United Center as Rodzilla

Moreover, almost 25 years after last stepping foot inside the squared circle, Rodman made his way back. But, it was a different kind of homecoming for the Worm. 

During his original 2-year run with World Championship Wrestling back in the late 1990s, Dennis was a major attraction. Even today, that fact stands the test of time. However, with time, his mobility inside the ring has taken a major hint.

While he was in a full-fledged match on 4 different occasions, including a main event, during that time, his role was considerably less this time around. Instead, the 2-time Detroit Pistons champion was more an attraction than a centerpiece for All Elite Wrestling.

Highlighting his journey through the day, Dennis put up a vlog on his YouTube channel. Starting off with the car ride and a few fan meet-and-greets, Dennis took a trip to the locker rooms. Thankfully, he wasn’t under any harm, as is the usual case at the promotion. His journey saw him meet up with names like Jeff Jarrett, whom he thwarted with a guitar the next day.

Continuing, the video recorded amongst the fans saw the entire segment between the above filmed on camera. As the 5-time NBA Champion came out, the Chicago faithful greeted him with a humongous reaction. While the promo between the wrestlers was in good fun, it did include some sweet jabs at Rodman, including ones of his time in WCW.

But, as the video continued, it became clear exactly why the moment was Too Sweet for the Menace.

While he’d already made a name for himself as a Bad Boy, Dennis truly ascended into superstardom after his stint with the Chicago Bulls. During the 1996-1998 years, he was part of the Big Three, along with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, who would win three straight championships.

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While he wasn’t a scorer, his defense and rebounding were essential to his team’s success. As a result, he remains a beloved figure in Chicago, as evidenced by the massive reaction in the United Center. Later in the video, Dennis shared that same energy.

That’s amazing. Chicago giving love to me man…They love me so much.” For Rodman, it was a return to the United Center almost 25 years in the making. And with a glorious guitar shot, it was just as explosive and entertaining as his days on the hardwood.