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‘We All Want to Win’ – Booker, Beal and Durant discuss adjusting together for Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns’ Big Three of Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant led the team throughout a key month in January.

After missing a combined 43 games due to injury earlier this season, and the Suns struggling as a.500 team in December, Phoenix (29-21) went 11-5 last month, matching its season-high seven straight wins. The Suns are 12-6 overall with the Big Three on the roster.

Booker and Durant won back-to-back Western Conference Player of the Week and All-Star accolades, Booker was voted Western Conference Player of the Month, and Beal set two season highs, including 43 points in Phoenix’s most recent victory over Beal’s former team, Washington, on Sunday.

The three Suns stars were interviewed together for the first time off the court on Arizona’s Family television, with sportscaster Mark McClune, following Sunday’s game. They talked about establishing continuity, Durant and Beal’s “convenience” residing in Arizona, their business interests, and more. Here are a few highlights.

Booker on establishing normalcy while playing with Durant and Beal.

“I’d say once we get some more time out on the court together, but definitely the going-to-work part of it has been there and the camaraderie and building the chemistry amongst us.”

Depending on how the Big Three’s characteristics affect the team

“As far as on the court, we all have the same mentality of trying to make the right play from the top down, and I believe that transcends to the rest of our teammates. Off the floor, we’re all interested in various topics, but we still have talks to learn about each other’s perspectives. So there’s always something new.

Beal on his chats with Booker and Durant about basketball, business, and life

“The most intriguing aspect is how devoted they are about the game. It’s usually beneficial to get out with guys that share similar interests. Guys who can push and challenge you while also holding you to a high standard of accountability. talks seem to go beyond what I would consider standard expectations or talks to be like. Our team is constantly challenged by these individuals, both on and off the field, for their understanding of business and personal experiences. There’s a lot to talk about, so it’s definitely a fun group to be around.

Booker discusses the Big Three’s fixation with collecting cars

They both own vehicles. They have classics, too, so we’re simply an auto team of collectors.”

Adjusting to the Arizona lifestyle during the NBA’s winter season.

Durant: “Obviously, the weather is usually good. The sun is constantly out. Since I arrived, the folks have been friendly, welcoming, and supportive. It’s a relaxing state to live in. It just feels like everything is so convenient. Every day, I drive two minutes to the practice facility where I work. Playing in big cities like San Francisco and New York does not provide this level of convenience. So it’s really nice to be here.”

Beal: “The convenience part of it is that it has nice weather, is easy to live in, has a smooth transition, people welcome you, everything is accessible, and there are many resources here. It’s great. I have enjoyed it. “My family enjoys it.”

Booker discusses having his own Nike signature shoe

“I’ve always thought about it. I’m sure we all started by drawing our signatures on our (school) binders, and I remember drawing shoes when I was that age. I’d always wanted one, so it was a lot of joy to be involved in the process. It was a fun process to witness it come to life after hearing about it two years ago.