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“Heаrd they’re gettіng Jokіс, Gіаnnіs, аnd Lukа too”: Lаkerѕ’ dreаm of lаndіng Donovаn Mіtсhell ѕрarkѕ moсkіng fаn frenzy

The LA Lakers are reportedly interested and confident in landing Cleveland Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell this offseason. The Lakers getting linked to another NBA superstar again has fans going crazy. Mitchell has a contract next season and a player option for the 2025-26 one.

According to CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter, one of the reasons why the Lakers could have trouble making any moves at the trade deadline is their desire for a superstar this summer. Sources told Reiter that the Lakers are interested in Mitchell, who is also being linked to the New York Knicks.

Mitchell is eligible to sign an extension with the Cavaliers next season. He has been rumored to be wanting a move to his hometown Knicks, but Cleveland is playing fabulously at the moment. They are second in the East, with a 32-16 record.

The LA Lakers’ interest in Donovan Mitchell has NBA fans going into a frenzy online. They cannot believe that another superstar has been linked with the Lakers even though they seemingly don’t have the assets to acquire one.

One fan even joked about the franchise’s interest in adding other superstars:

“Heard they’re getting Jokic, Giannis, and Luka too.”

Another fan went further:

“That’s ridiculous. They’re getting Embiid, SGA, and Tatum.”

One fan joked about the Lakers’ “assets” to make a trade:

“I mean they still have Cam Reddish and a 2085 4th-round pick, surely that’s gotta be enough?”

Source: SportsKeeda