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Inter Miami vs. PSG: How Messi Impacted Their Season Ticket Prices

The South Florida team contacted season ticket holders on Thursday with details on the new pricing. Inter Miami’s most expensive season ticket, categorized as “Standard,” is $2,720. In Inter Miami’s “Premium” section, the season ticket prices range from $4,420 to $45,900.

So, how does the Messi effect in Miami compare to what happened in Paris? Despite having the Argentine in the summer of 2022, it was revealed that they saw 97.6 percent of their season ticket holders renew for the 2022-23 season, setting a new club record.

Most seats have seen their price increase by three and seven percent heading into Messi’s second season in Paris, except those of the Virage Auteuil. The stand, which houses the club’s ultras, saw prices for last season remain at €490. 

In 2020, Inter Miami offered season tickets for $2,125 in the “NW Midfield” Premium section. However, for the 2024 season, the price of that particular seat will be $4,240, which represents a 99 percent increase from the original price.

Now, it isn’t to say there was no price gauging in the French capital as some season ticket holders decided to put their tickets on sale for as much as €4,297. Nonetheless, that was an individual going into the secondary market and not from the club. 

Inter Miami’s most expensive season ticket is the perfect example of one of the significant differences not only between football in the United States and Europe but also the price of attending a sporting event in general.

Furthermore, season tickets for watching arguably the best club football in the Premier League are more affordable than what Inter Miami is offering. Arsenal charges the most for a seat at $2,350.42; the cheapest season ticket is from Manchester City at $279.00. 

World Soccer Talk put together all the costs for season tickets provided by Premier League clubs. At this point, any football fan is better off planning a trip to Europe and seeing the best players in their prime than Messi in MLS.

Messi’s move to MLS was touted as one that would continue to grow the sport in the United States. However, at these prices, only those with financial privilege will get to see the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner.