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Jordan Poole trolls team-mate Steph Curry by mimicking the mouthguard toss that got him ejected against the Grizzlies

Although Steph Curry thought it was “too soon,” teammate Jordan Poole was unable to help but imitate the mouthguard throw that led to his ejection following the Warriors’ triumph.  

With 1:14 left in regulation, Curry launched his mouthpiece into the stands and was ejected from the game.

Curry was upset with Jordan Poole for what he perceived to be a poorly-timed 3-point attempt, and as a result, he threw his mouthguard, which resulted in his automatic dismissal.

However, after winning in the closing seconds, Poole could not help but make fun of his teammate, who was waiting for him in the tunnel.   

 Poole remarked slyly, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, bro,” and then he grinned wryly. 

After winning 122-120, Poole was asked explicitly about his tunnel reunion with Curry. He replied, “I don’t even remember.” Short memory. We gave each other a brief embrace. 

He is undoubtedly our leader, and we would have loved to have him in the final three games. Nevertheless, we persevered and triumphed over a formidable opponent. and need to maintain that momentum.

Curry compares it to a joke that is told much too quickly. I remained warm. I remained warm. 

Curry has only been ejected three times in his NBA career, and each time he has worn a mouthguard. 

The star from Akron was dismissed for throwing his mouthguard in Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals; he did the same against the Grizzlies in 2017; this time, against them again, it was his third mouthguard-related expulsion.

When asked why he was feeling so ‘heated’ during Poole’s earlier shot, Curry gave an explanation of his immediate mental process.  

“It’s a crucial moment in the game and our season,” Curry remarked. 

There are concerns over the increased urgency of each and every detail. I reacted in a way that clearly eliminated me from the game and placed the team in a difficult situation because when you want something so badly, like winning and in the fourth quarter, execution and clutch situations do matter.

However, the essence of the affair lies in the goals and the enthusiasm surrounding what counts in terms of victory. Fortunately, my teammates had excellent responses. Klay [Thompson] holding a large gun. JP with the last game-winning play. 

The execution was superb. There was definitely a sense of urgency because we needed that one. I think I let my feelings get in the way of things. 

After their most recent loss against the Nets, they had gained a victory that put them back on track, and head coach Steve Kerr was keen to put an end to his star’s expulsion.

“The coaches told me he threw the mouthpiece down out of anger, but I didn’t see what happened at the time, so when the ref called it, I was confused,” Kerr remarked. 

“And he tossed it into the bleachers, I suppose? Yes, on the side. That, in my opinion, is an automatic ejection. 

He is aware that he must not repeat that error. However, I was rather pleased with the guys. They persevered and performed well in the closing moments to give us the victory.