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Steph Curry Reacts to NBA’s Massive Missed Call Against Warriors

Steph Curry couldn’t believe the NBA missed this call. FARBOD ESNAASHARI 7 HOURS AGO

If Warriors fans weren’t already mad enough after the team’s heartbreaking loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, they had even more reason once the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report revealed a missed five-second violation against the Thunder.

Even Steph Curry couldn’t believe the news once he heard it.

According to Ron Kroichick of the SF Chronicle, Steph Curry was stunned upon hearing the missed five-second call that ultimately cost the Warriors the game.

“Seriously,” Curry questioned. “Maybe we can get that win back. I did not know that. That makes it worse, for sure.”

After the loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Warriors now find themselves with a 10-12 record. A win on Friday night would have finally put the Warriors back at an even .500 record. Now, there’s nothing left for the Warriors to do but pick up the pieces and finally figure out how to win. A test against the Phoenix Suns will be the best way for the Warriors to solve that problem.

The Golden State Warriors have lost three of their last five games, but all three losses were absolute nail-biters. Two of them were blown 20-point leads, and the other was an overtime loss that included a controversial missed call. With all three losses combined, the Warriors only lost by a total of four points – that’s how close every game was. If anything, it shows that all isn’t lost for the Warriors.