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LeBron James “flirted” but was ignored by Stephen Curry

The 2021/2022 season really ended for LeBron James quite early. Even though he was considered one of the top candidates for the championship, everything happened in the worst scenario. Going to the beach early is a phrase that Lakers fans keep repeating for many days now. But not only is facing a tragic reality, even the “dream” is rejected.

LeBron James affirmed that Stephen Curry is the player he wants to play alongside

More specifically, during his participation in the famous talk show “The Shop” with many famous singers and athletes, LeBron James received a quite interesting and fatal question about who he wants to compete with at the present time. Without wasting too much time, “King James” replied:

“If in this era of basketball? If in the current basketball era, that name would be Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry is definitely a name I want to play alongside. As for all time, I really like Scottie Pippen. He’s so great. I know Michael Jordan is great, so is Kobe. But Scottie and Penny Hardaway are my two favorites because I see myself in them. Tall defenders or ball-holding strikers know how to regulate the play for the whole team, defending every position. But at the moment it’s Steph.”

“He’s so deadly. People should start following him the day Curry leaves his car and walks onto the field. Getting out of the car was something the person arrested 1-1 without much discussion. Maybe we have to kill him from his bed. I swear to God. Steph is the type of player that can kill you. Luka is also a name I like, cold and strong,” LeBron James continued.

The above words can be affirmed to come from the true sincerity of LeBron James. It is not surprising that LeBron James did not hesitate to choose Stephen Curry in his second pick at the NBA All Star Draft 2022 and 2021. Even the superstar on the Los Angeles Lakers payroll did not hide his immense happiness. along with a series of tweets praising his All Star teammate throughout the past year.

However, the response to LeBron James’s sincerity was a humorous refusal from Stephen Curry. This “cunning” player among the top NBA players, as soon as he heard the statement from his senior, couldn’t stop smiling with joy and mischief. Appearing on the radio broadcast of 95.7 The Game, the superstar wearing shirt number 30 immediately refused.

“Maybe that’s the reason he chose me in both recent All Star tournaments in a row. I don’t know if that is the right answer or not. But oh well, my situation is really okay now. Of course, receiving curiosity from an MVP-caliber player or here one of the best of all time is definitely great. Who of us doesn’t like that fantasy world?”

Perhaps the All Star Game is the only place where LeBron James can play with the “Chef”

It’s unclear whether Stephen Curry’s closing sentence was intentional or unintentional, but it was extremely poignant to fans or even LeBron James himself. Because for a long time now, LeBron James has always lived in a world of his own creation, always wanting to be surrounded by all the best players possible. And it was the “dream lover” Stephen Curry who helped the Eastern superstar wake up.