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Jayson Tatum, an All-Star for the Celtics, has a fresh tattoo on his hand

Jayson Tatum, the all-star small forward for the Boston Celtics, is clearly rocking some new ink. He has other tattoos over the past few years that complement this one on his hand.

Tatum is accustomed to his body art making headlines since a large piece on his back that read “Gods Will” attracted the attention of both supporters and detractors due to its improper punctuation (the apostrophe was missing, making the “s” appear plural rather than possessive). The St. Louis native now has a tattoo on his left hand that says “Big Deuce” (credit to Forbes Sports Chris Grenham for the discovery); he recently posted a picture of it on social media.

It’s unclear what the new ink represents precisely or if Tatum is adopting the same nickname as his son, Deuce. See for yourself in the following image:

Why Jayson Tatum’s Boston Celtics are the NBA’s best team

About halfway through the 2023–24 NBA season, with the league’s greatest record and a strong net rating to match, the Boston Celtics have established themselves as the best club in the league. The Celtics have mastered the second-toughest schedule in the Association thus far, winning nine games against clubs with a.500 or higher record, to take the top spot in the standings.

The Celtics take the top spot in the most recent Power Rankings of the Volume “Hoops Tonight with Jason Timpf” podcast, according to host Jason Timpf. However, the Minnesota Timberwolves show up as strong competitors.

Will Boston be able to hold onto first place in the league standings? Or, as the season goes on, will a fresh opponent push them off their pedestal?