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Sаrtoriаl Trіumph: Mіchael Jordаn’s Iсoniс ’90ѕ Fаshion Momentѕ аs the GOAT of Menѕwear

Hands up who’s half watching it for the footage of Michael Jordan’s off-court fashion moments? Thought so. The Chicago Bulls’s downtime uniform is as captivating as His Airness’s slam-dunk skills. From his boxy tailoring – which redefined the ’80s power suit owing to the oversized proportions on his 6ft 6” frame – to his snazzy golf vests and loud-and-proud tracksuits, MJ’s style is divisive but influential – particularly during lockdown when the entire world is feeling nostalgic.  Here, 15 cheering Michael Jordan style moments that prove he was was both the king of normcore and the prince of pattern during his sporting heyday.

Eric Risberg/AP/Shutterstock 1992 All smiles and zany patterns during a Nike news conference in Barcelona.

Fairchild Archive/Penske Media/Shutterstock 1996 Posing for portraits for the release of Michael Jordan Cologne in classic suiting.

Wilfredo Lee/AP/Shutterstock 1993 At a pro-golf tournament in Jordan, the Bulls player, quite literally, dressed the part in a polo shirt featuring tiny players on a putting green.

Fred Jewell/AP/Shutterstock 1985 An injured Jordan watched his team play the New York Knicks from the sidelines wearing natty knitwear in 1985.

John Swart/AP/Shutterstock 1993 The double-denim clad baseball superfan preparing to throw the first pitch prior to the start of the 1993 American League Championship Series.

John Zich/AP/Shutterstock 1994 Waving to the United Center crowd in immaculate blue suiting, after seeing a 12-foot bronze statue of himself unveiled outside.

Tim Boyle/AP/Shutterstock 1995 Warding off the glare of reporters’ cameras with his colour-pop off-court threads.

JACQUES SOFFER 1992 Swinging into action in stripes at the Monte Carlo Golf Club in 1992.