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Anthony Dаvis Wаnts Lаkers To Imрrove Defenѕively After Gіvіng Uр 126 Poіnts In Chrіstmas Loѕѕ To Celtіcs

Anthony Davis Wants Lakers To Improve Defensively After Giving Up 126 Points In Christmas Loss To Celtics© Provided by Fadeaway World

Following the Los Angeles Lakers’ Christmas Day loss to the Boston Celtics, in which the Lakers gave up 126 points, star player Anthony Davis expressed his concern about the team’s defensive performance. 

“No, I mean I think we just need to be elite defensively regardless. I mean it’s not because teams are, the way teams are playing us offensively I think just in general the team that we want to be.”

“You know we, we had some defense, and when we’re not defending then we’re a totally different team. down, you know, and getting to people and rebounding and just being, you know, pesky and feisty on the ball, diving on the floor, things like that, and activated on the defensive end, then the offense will be fine.” (4:06)

Davis emphasized the importance of being elite defensively regardless of how opponents play them offensively. He noted that the Lakers need to focus on key defensive aspects, such as getting to people, rebounding, and being pesky and feisty on the ball.

The Lakers’ defensive struggles were evident in the Christmas Day matchup, where the Celtics, led by Kristaps Porzingis with 28 points and 11 rebounds, had all five starters scoring at least 18 points. Despite Anthony Davis scoring a game-high 40 points and LeBron James contributing 16 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists, the Lakers couldn’t overcome the defensive challenges posed by the Celtics.

Davis acknowledged that the Lakers need to maintain their defensive identity to be successful as a team. He highlighted the connection between defensive intensity and the team’s overall performance, emphasizing that when they are not defending well, they become a different team.

The Christmas Day loss marked the Lakers’ sixth defeat in the last eight games since winning the In-Season Tournament. While Davis recognized that the team is still working on improving and finding their rhythm, he stressed the importance of addressing mistakes and missed opportunities, such as his own missed free throw that led to a fast-break 3-pointer for the Celtics in the decisive third quarter.

Despite the individual performances of Davis and James, the Lakers face challenges in achieving defensive consistency, and Davis’ comments indicate a sense of urgency to address these issues as they look to compete against top teams in the league.

LeBron James Questions Lakers Ability To Compete Against Top Teams

After the Los Angeles Lakers’ Christmas Day loss to the Boston Celtics, LeBron James expressed concerns about the team’s ability to compete against the league’s top teams. The Lakers were defeated by 11 points, and LeBron acknowledged the challenges they face in their current state.

In a candid admission, LeBron James highlighted the impressive performances of teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Boston Celtics, emphasizing their overall health and readiness. However, he pointed out that the Lakers are not currently in the same position, indicating that they are not as healthy as they would like to be to compete against the top teams.

LeBron’s remarks indicate a recognition that the Lakers need to take additional steps to enhance their performance and reach a level where they can compete effectively against elite teams in the league. Despite efforts to build a well-rounded roster with depth across positions, injuries have been a challenge for the Lakers, impacting their recent performance.

The Lakers, with a record above .500 despite injury setbacks, have faced a 2-6 stretch in their last eight games, even as the team becomes healthier. The loss of Gabe Vincent, who may be out until late February, is described as a significant blow to the Lakers, prompting them to explore options in the trade market to strengthen the team without compromising their overall depth.

LeBron’s comments about the team not being at the desired level suggest that the Lakers might be considering significant moves behind the scenes to address their concerns and bolster their competitiveness against top-tier opponents in the league.

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