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Striker Neymar reveals the meaning behind the tattoo: I have the words ‘life is a joke’ on my left arm… I can really relate to this. ‎

Neymar has made no secret of his passion for tattoos, with the PSG star regularly adding to his growing list of body art.

And now the Brazil forward, who has been nominated for the Ballon d’Or, has revealed the meaning behind a number of his tattoos.

In an interview with Globoesporte, Neymar opened up about his collection and revealed the various mottos he has inked on him.

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They include the date of his son’s birth on his right arm, a prayer he says before matches on his upper torso and ‘love’ written on his left hand.

Here, we take a closer look at the tattoos as the 23-year-old superstar opens up about the meaning behind them.

Back of his foot – ‘boldness and joy’

Neymar has the motto ‘boldness and joy’ inked on the back of his feet, with one word on each leg.

He explained: ‘This is the tattoo that says the most about me’.

Neymar has the motto ‘boldness and joy (pictured)’ inked on the back of his leg, with one word on each

Upper right arm – Son’s date of birth

‘My son also has a tattoo dedicated to him. I did it after he was born.’

The Brazil superstar has his son’s name ‘Davi Lucca’ and date of birth tattooed on his upper right arm

Upper torso – Prayer

‘It’s a prayer we always say before games. I decided to have it done on my chest. It was out of the love and regard I have for my father.’

The 32-year-old Barcelona forward has a prayer, which he says before matches, inked on his upper torso

Left side of neck – ‘Everything passes’

‘This phrase says a lot about me. I have to enjoy every moment as much as I can.’

On left side of his neck, Neymar has ‘everything passes’ inked and admits he wants to ‘enjoy every moment’

Left arm – ‘Life is a joke’

‘I really identify with this tattoo. You can’t take life too seriously. You have to enjoy every moment.’

Barcelona forward revealed he can ‘really identify’ with the tattoo on his left arm which reads ‘life is a joke’

Left arm – ‘Be part of my story’ alongside a fist

‘I got this tattoo along with three of my friends. We have the same design, but everyone has a different phrase.’

The tattoo above, which reads ‘be part of my story’ alongside a fist, is a design which his friends also have

Lower left arm – Two hands praying with ‘Faith’ written underneath

‘It’s two hands praying, asking for a blessing. It has a lot to do with the faith I have.’

On his lower left arm, the former Santos star has two hands praying with ‘faith’ written underneath

Ring finger – Crown

‘It’s a queen’s crown. I got it for when I get married.’

On his ring finger, Neymar has a tattoo of a queen’s crown and he revealed he ‘got it for when I get married’

Left hand – ‘Love’

‘I really like this tattoo. My mother has it and so does my father.’

Speaking about body art on left hand, he said: ‘I really like this tattoo. My mother has it and so does my father’.