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Steph Curry Gives Massive Praise to Warriors Big Man

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Kevon Looney is one of the most underrated players in the league. If there’s one player who’s ready to sing his praises though, it’s Steph Curry.

Last week, Curry spoke about Looney to the media and described just how exactly he helps the Golden State Warriors win games.

“Whether it’s a regular season game or the playoff runs we’ve had…one it’s his availability, he’s always preparing himself to be out there, play physical, and give us that presence in the paint,” Curry said about Looney. It gets us possessions, he’s a smart basketball who understands how to move the ball, how to set great screens. The way our offense runs, even if he’s not doing finishing, he can set up other guys, too.” 

Looney won’t typically be the type of player that’ll impress people on a box score. He will be the type of player that someone remembers if they actually watch the game though. Time and time again, he’s been tasked with guarding the best players of the opposing teams, whether he’s coming off of the bench or in the starting lineup. Most players would complain about inconsistent rotation minutes or coming off the bench, but Looney isn’t that type of player. 

There isn’t a more perfect way to describe the impact of Kevon Looney than from the words of Steph Curry himself.

“Don’t let anyone take for granted what Loon does. If you know basketball, those little things on the margins help you win on a consistent basis.”