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Wаrriors Plаyer Getѕ Honeѕt About Teаm’s Roсky Chemіstry

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling The Golden State Warriors haven’t quite found themselves as a collective unit this season. Off the court, chemistry remains great, but on the court, chemistry is still very questionable. Both Warriors head coach Steve Kerr agrees, and so does Brandin Podziemski.

After the Warriors lost another heartbreaking game against the Dallas Mavericks, Podziemski was asked about Steve Kerr’s analysis of the team’s chemistry, and the rookie gave a very honest answer.

“I feel like you moreso feel it just kind of on the bench, not when you’re out there,” Podziemski said. “I think everybody just kind of needs to bring it for everyone else. For us as a collective whole, we talked in the locker room after, kinda just got to check our energy, each and every single one of us when we stepped foot into the locker room. All of our thoughts, regardless of what’s happening, because everyone has their own personal problems going on in life, whatever is going on we just gotta kind of channel that energy and focus on winning the game every night. Like you said, off the court, we’re the closest friends, probably of any team, do a lot of stuff together. It’s just on the court trying to find that balance of putting everything for the team.”

It’s a bit alarming to hear any player on the Warriors mention that the chemistry still needs work when it’s game 32 of the season. The NBA season is almost halfway through, the Warriors are still largely the same core group of players, and somehow something just isn’t clicking. If this team doesn’t find itself by the All-Star break, then some serious concerns need to be shown.