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True Extent of Michael Jordan’s Influence on Court Revealed by Former Employee: “He’s Going to…”

uring his time in the league, Michael Jordan has taken on many avatars. Whether it was a phenomenal rookie, scoring machine, unproven for victory, championship winner, and eventually, GOAT. However, one role he had in the league was not directly on the hardwood. Instead, it was the 6’6″ Mike sitting on the sidelines deciding the fate of the Charlotte Hornets. As owner/GM, Jordan had a ton of influence on the product being put out. But, more than just shaping the roster, the 6x NBA Champion exudes his typical passionate fire too.

On an appearance on The Podcast P with Paul George, current Hornet and a signee from Michael’s era, Gordon Hayward, went in depth about operating under the Chicago Bulls legend. Describing the experience as “nerve-racking”, Hayward would reveal just how involved his former owner would get on the court.


At the team’s games, the 5x NBA MVP is constantly displaying his competitiveness for the sport. “He’ll let the refs have it, he’s going to get after the refs.” The Hall of Famer’s sheer presence courtside, usually next to the team bench, also turns nerve-racking for the team at times.

However, that fire can set the perfect example for teammates. Almost 20 years after retiring, the passion, fire, and competitiveness toward the game remain unchanged. Perhaps, that can serve as a hallmark for what the current Hornets try to emulate.

Under a new core of LaMelo Ball, “Paul George is my GOAt” Brandon Miller, and others, their future might be as bright as it has ever been. From veterans like Terry Rozier and the aforementioned Hayward, the youngsters could learn valuable lessons.