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The $15 million helicopter that Lionel Messi owns makes everyone jealous with its luxurious interior

After giving it a lot of thinking, Lionel Mei came to the conclusion that he should purchase a home in Florida that had a helipad. As a result of this, I am able to transport a helicopter to the training ground in a trouble-free and secure manner.

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During the time when Lionel Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo were searching for a suitable home for their family, everything was on Lionel Messi. There is a property in Fort Lauderdale that is located just over ten kilometers away from the DRV PNK stadium, which is the home of Inter Miami.

The home features a movie screening room, a swimming pool, a garden patio, a fitness center, a sauna, five bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. Additionally, there is a garden patio. The zone that encompasses 3.5 square kilometers and is located in the midst of the intracoastal body of water is where people tend to store their boats.

I would be delighted to take a helicopter to the training ground every day.

The presence of a helipad on the premises of the villa is a source of great satisfaction for us. My ability to take the helicopter to Inter Miami’s training facilities on Thursdays is now much simpler and more expedient than it was before. In addition, there won’t be any issues with the champion of the 2022 World Cup using a lightweight car throughout the competition. A different way of putting it is that the plan for Mei to travel from the KYI to the training location is gradually coming together.

It was revealed by Fabrizio Romano on X that this is Leo Messi, who is currently flying to Paris with his wife Antonela. It is now mandatory to have a medical evaluation and complete paperwork with PSG. A match between Messi and Paris Saint-Germain?

In the past, the villa was owned by a surgeon. It was purchased by me in March of this year for a total of $29.7 million USD. When it comes to money, Mei is not concerned because Inter Miami provides me with a decent bargain. A well-known real estate agent in the state of Florida named Alan Eckenazi is currently in the process of negotiating the sale of the mansion. The documentation of the urgency with which the process of buying and selling must be completed is a crucial component.

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