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Warriors’ Green Had Surprising Response to Stephen A. Smith’s Comments on Curry

Draymond Green admitted comments made by ESPN First Take personality Stephen A. Smith questioning the leadership of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry made him angry. 

But Green’s response to those comments was motivated by far more than anger. Instead, it was a passionate defense of Curry and how he felt “crushed” by hearing that, which he detailed on the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show.

“Stephen A. was like, ‘Steph [Curry] is a bad leader because Draymond did X.’ And it pissed me off, but it crushed me,” Green said. “This guy doesn’t give us anything to tear him down about. This guy does everything the right way, and yet he’s being torn down because of my actions? It crushed me.”

Green proceeded to offer a public apology to Curry for the fact that his leadership was questioned.

“I’m very thankful for Steph. As I’ve been out on this time, we’ve talked every day, every other day, just checking in,” Green added. “He’s like ‘Yo, I’m gonna be right here with you through this, I’m gonna help you through this.’ And he’s been very much so that.”

Green’s comments in defense of Curry come a few weeks after Warriors coach Steve Kerr also addressed them publicly. Kerr called it “sickening” and “disgusting” for anyone questioning Curry’s leadership.