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Despite Stephen Curry’s Alleged Foot Fetish, Fan Points Out How Warriors Star Forgets Wife Ayesha’s Shoe Size

February 19, 2022; Cleveland, OH, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) and wife Ayesha Curry (right) during the 2022 NBA All-Star Saturday Night at Rocket Mortgage Field House. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry has caused mayhem on social media, yet again. However, it isn’t because of any in-game excellence or off-court controversies. Rather, a video has resurfaced on social media in which Ayesha Curry has admitted that her husband has a “foot fetish”.

Back in 2017, Ayesha Curry made an appearance on the talk show “The Real”. From what seemed to be a segment of Cellphone Realette, the wife of the Golden State Warriors star revealed a few secrets about Steph. As seen in the embed, Ayesha is seen holding her phone with a photo of her bare feet. Giving an explanation behind the photo, Curry disclosed that she had sent the same to Steph. Further, she also revealed that her husband receives feet pictures whenever he asks for “n*des”.

“My husband really loves my feet, Ayesha explained, “and so the light was hittin’ them just right that day and so, I was like, let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet. I always say, when he says to send nudes, that’s what he’s getting — a picture of my bare feet.

It is slightly odd that Steph doesn’t even remember his wife’s foot size, despite having an alleged foot fetish. Taking to X (formerly “Twitter”), a user pointed out that the two-time MVP has previously failed to reveal his wife’s shoe size correctly.

“Yet he can’t get her shoe size right”

During an appearance on BuzzFeed’s Relationship Test, the couple had to mention each other’s shoe sizes. While Ayesha was spot-on with her answer, the shifty guard was incorrect. Instead of 10, he said 10 and a half, leaving his wife positively shocked at his choice of answer.

At the end of the day, everyone likes what they like. Even if others may see a foot fetish as slightly odd, it has seemed to work for both Ayesha and Stephen Curry, as they have been married for 12 years now, and together for even longer. So, if slightly off-beat interests have been the solution to success for the couple, why go changing?

Stephen Curry has forgotten his wife’s shoe size on numerous occasions

Unfortunately for Stephen Curry, the BuzzFeed video was not the only time when he forgot his wife’s shoe size. Merely a month later, the power couple made an appearance on GQ Sports’ video for yet another quiz.

One would naturally believe that Steph might have gotten his wife’s shoe size registered in his brain by now. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This time, instead of answering 10, Curry incorrectly stated 11. Understandably, Ayesha was livid.

Ayesha: What is my shoe size?

Steph: Is it 9 men’s, which is 11 women’s?

Ayesha: The audacity! The audacity! I’m a size 10 eight and a half men’s.

Stephen Curry is excellent at many different parts of life. He has a loving marriage, adorable children, and of course, a basketball resume that most couldn’t even dream of. However, nobody can be perfect at everything. Evidently, for Steph, it is remembering the size of his wife’s feet.