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Steph Curry’s Message to Memphis Grizzlies Rookie Revealed

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry had a message for GG Jackson 

Memphis Grizzlies rookie GG Jackson had an incredible performance in a recent win over the Golden State Warriors, and received a message of encouragement from Steph Curry after the game. 

When asked about the moment he shared with Curry postgame, Jackson said, “I had reached out to him during halftime. I told him that his camp took the invitation back from me because I had re-classed up and went to college early. That was a cool little moment that we shared together. His message was to keep going. I’m young in this league and it’s a lot out there for me.”

This positive moment has gotten somewhat misconstrued into something it didn’t seem to be, as Draymond Green said during an episode of his podcast that Jackson took this matchup personal after being uninvited from Curry’s camp. This didn’t seem to be Jackson’s messaging postgame, as he said the invitation being pulled was due to Jackson re-classifying and going to college early.

Whether Green misunderstood the situation or had additional information that he was reporting during this podcast episode, Curry’s message to Jackson was one of encouragement. Telling the youngest player in the NBA that he has a lot of great moments ahead of him, Curry encouraged the Grizzlies rookie after his very impressive showing in the win over Golden State.