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Billionaire Michael Jordan Is the Goal for Spurs Legend Worth $85 Million Who Owns French Conglomerate

Michael Jordan‘s work beyond basketball helped him become a billionaire by the age of 51. He has inspired a whole generation of athletes with his accomplishments, including a San Antonio Spurs legend who has taken his own route in the business world following his retirement from the NBA. The French basketball star Tony Parker is now making some major moves to become the ‘French Michael Jordan’.

Many fans know that Tony Parker is the owner of ASVEL Basket, which plays in the French basketball league. However, it might be new to many that Parker owns his own conglomerate company called Infinity Nine Group. They focus on providing innovations in ‘sport, education, the French art of living, and technology’.

As part of Parker’s newest strategy to get more brands to collaborate with him, Parker joined the French investing show ‘Qui veut être mon associé’, also known as ‘Who wants to be my associate?‘

“We had a lot of fun, and most importantly, I learned a lot,” said Tony Parker. This was after spending time with other investors and the general public, who brought up ideas for the basketball legend. According to Le Figaro, Parker hopes to reach a global audience like the Chicago Bulls legend. With this hope, he said, “To become the French Michael Jordan outside the parquet floors.“

Tony Parker knows what Michael Jordan has done to revolutionize what an athlete can be. Jordan’s work and commitment to his business helped him carve out another historic chapter in his life after his playing days, and Parker is inspired to do the same. He says, “I keep the same formulas that gave me a lot of success in basketball: discipline, teamwork, and a sense of sacrifice.“

Michael Jordan’s innovation helped him become a billionaire

Despite only making $90 million as a salary from the NBA, Jordan is now estimated to be worth over $3 billion. It was his work outside the basketball court that helped him achieve this.

The deal Jordan made with Nike back in 1984 helped him big-time. The one-of-a-kind contract helped him retain rights to his shoes and items sold in his name. This gave him huge returns over the years and helped Jordan become a symbol for all aspiring entrepreneurs like Tony Parker, that they can do it as well.