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Warriors Reportedly Make Two All-Stars Available For Trade

The Golden State Warriors may start shaking things up. FARBOD ESNAASHARI 2 HOURS AGO

No team in the NBA needs to make a move more than the Golden State Warriors. 

The Warriors have one of the highest tax bills at $206 million, with a penalty of $186 million, but they’re in 12th place in the Western Conference at five games below .500. As a result, the team is reportedly taking calls.

According to a report from Shams Charania, the Warriors will be taking calls on both Andrew Wiggins and Chris Paul.

“They’re going to take calls on Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul,” Charania said. “Could they get interest even on a guy like Klay Thompson? Those are very much open conversations for the Warriors, they have to be open-minded. This is a team that’s five games under .500 in that 12th spot, outside of that play-in, they’ve got a high, high tax bill as well.”

Andrew Wiggins was just an All-Star with the Golden State Warriors in 2022. However, he’s been playing drastically under his averages this season, only putting up 12.3 points and 4.2 rebounds on 43/31/70 shooting. The Warriors definitely needed him to be a near 20-point, 8 rebounds a game player for them this season and he hasn’t been that.

Chris Paul is a 12x All-Star, who was also most recently one in 2022. Similar to Wiggins, Paul’s fit just hasn’t meshed with this team, not to mention injuries. Chris Paul is only averaging 8.9 points and 7.2 assists on 42/36/83 shooting. Much of that could be attested to his minutes being inconsistent, but Paul still hasn’t been a needle-mover for the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors have lost six out of their last eight games, and not being in the playoffs would be inexcusable for this team. Hopefully, something can get done to fix the ship.