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Lіttle Meѕѕi іn Aсtion: Mаteo’s Strіkіng Skіlls Cаptured!

Lionel Messi’s young son, Mateo, is clearly following in his father’s footsteps as he displayed impressive football skills in his own backyard. At just four years old, Mateo has already shown that he has inherited some of his dad’s talents.

It appears that Messi’s four-year-old son, Mateo, is just as skilled in front of the goal. A recent video captures the young boy effortlessly striking the ball into the top corner from a distance, before going on a sprint and delivering a precise finish. The footage seems to have been taken in Messi’s backyard in Spain, where he has a mini football pitch. Mateo has clearly been observing his father’s technique, as he celebrates his first goal just like Messi does.

Messi Jr. celebrates his goal by kissing both hands and raising them in the air. Then, he heads straight towards the camera and puts his finger to his lips, motioning for silence. His second goal is even more reminiscent of Messi, as he dribbles the ball from the halfway line before confidently shooting low into the corner. He dramatically falls to the ground, clutching his face as though he has been tackled. Despite being his father’s son, keen-eyed fans will notice that Messi Jr. is not a complete copy of his dad since he predominantly uses his right foot.

Mateo mimicked his dad by pressing his finger to his lips, perhaps even taking tips from another world-class talent, Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi’s longtime rival recently suggested that the two should have dinner together, to which the Argentine responded positively. Messi expressed that he has no problem with that and is open to the idea.


“I have always maintained that I don’t have any problem with him. Although we have never shared a dressing room together, I frequently see him at award shows and there is no issue between us.
I can’t say for certain if there will be a dinner because it depends on whether our paths intersect. We both have our own lives and commitments.
However, I would definitely accept the invitation if it were extended to me.”

Perhaps it’s time for Mateo and Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Jr, to join their fathers for a fun match of two-on-two in the garden as a delightful way to end the evening’s entertainment.