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Mesmerizing Skill: Messi’s Bodyguard, Earning Tens of Billions, Stuns Fans with ‘Teleportation’ Ability, Fans Eliciting Praise

Yassine Chueko continues to impress when following superstar Lionel Messi like a shadow.

Recently, a video recording the image of superstar Lionel Messi and personal bodyguard Yassine Chueko was posted on social networks, immediately attracting attention. Accordingly, while at the soccer field in Miami (USA), Messi met a group of fans and happily approached.

Bodyguard Yassine initially did not appear in the frame

However, just a second later, this guy appeared behind Messi

Initially, bodyguard Yassine was not in the frame, but after just a split second he suԀԀenly appeared behind the Argentine superstar. Witnessing this, viewers could not help but be surprised. Some humorously claim to have the ability to “teleport” to follow Messi anytime, anywhere.

“He seemed to crawl from the ground to be behind Messi,” one account shared. Besides, some other fans also praised Yassine.

Yassine is a bodyguard hired by Inter Miami Club specifically for Messi, and is said to pocket a salary of about 3 million USԀ. Yassine proves herself worthy of this coveted compensation. Every time Messi goes out, Yassine follows his shadow and “saves” the Argentinian superstar many times from аggressive athletes.

Yassine always follows Messi closely when he goes out in the US

Yassine repeatedly protected Messi from аggressive fans

According to some sources, Yassine is a former soldier who once competed in mixed martial arts (MMA). However, Yassine only protected Messi when the 36-year-old superstar was in America. This guy will not follow if Messi returns to Argentina to play in a series of international matches.

On November 22, Messi played his last match of 2023 when he and Argentina defeated Brazil 1-0 right on the opponent’s field. Messi will return to America and start a vacation with his family. However, according to Messi, the family’s travel plans were shortened because the children were busy with school.