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Revealing the Enigma Surrounding Messi’s Wife’s Workout Companion

All attention was focused on Antonela Roccuzzo when Lionel Messi’s wife shared a photo of her mysterious gym partner


Compared to the time living in paris, Lionel Messi’s family is more comfortable adapting to life in Miami. Argentine star Messi ‘s wife Antonela Roccuzzo is the clearest example. since arriving in the Us, Messi’s wife has attended all of inter Miami’s matches and also started training at a gym near their home.

it should be emphasized that this businesswoman spares no effort to maintain her figure. Although she is famous for being disciplined in the gym, the three-child WAG also has a habit of sharing her workout routine with friends.




One of Antonela’s recent posts on instagram, where the beautiful pink figure has 37.2 million followers, makes everyone curious. in the posted photo, Messi’s wife poses in front of the mirror of a gym in Miami with her longtime friend, Elena Galera, wife of spanish star sergio Busquets. However, the third character in the photo is unknown and arousing curiosity. According to research, this third character turned out to be a girl named Julia perez, a model and often goes to the gym.

American model Julia also has many people following her on social networks. As for Antonela, the wife of the star who won the Golden Ball 7 times seems to have found a new friend in life in Miami.