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Fаns Reаct To Celtіcs Wіn Over Lаkers On Chrіstmas: “Wаsted An Anthony Dаvis Mаsterclаss”

Fans React To Celtics Win Over Lakers On Christmas: “Wasted An Anthony Davis Masterclass”© Provided by Fadeaway World

The Lakers and Celtics met up on Christmas to play the first game of their rivalry this season. Both teams came into this season as presumed title contenders, but only one team has lived up to that billing. They lived up to it again, as the Celtics handily beat the Lakers 126-115. prompting fans on the internet to react strongly.

Lakers fans were furious that an Anthony Davis masterclass performance went to waste.

Lakers fans realized that they were over-dependent on players like LeBron and Austin Reaves to keep their offense going. 

Dans mocked the Lakers for losing yet another Christmas Game, a patter in the LeBron James era.

Fans were shocked that the Lakers are stuck as an average team even with both Anthony Davis and LeBron James playing healthy basketball. 

Other NBA fans think that the Lakers may need to look at non-Austin Reaves options for late-game situations due to his poor defense.

Celtics superfan Dave Portnoy heavily mocked James for selling an injury after bumping knees with Jaylen Brown.

LeBron responded to possibly having hurt his knee by flying around the rim, something people marveled at given the supposed injury he suffered earlier. 

The Lakers had one star worth talking about, as Anthony Davis dropped 40 points with 13 rebounds. No other Laker even cracked 20 points, with Taurean Prince ending the night as the second-highest scorer with 17 points. LeBron James only managed 16 points while Austin Reaves had only 11 points. 

The Celtics starting five proved why they’re better than the Lakers in clear and uncertain terms. All of their starters scored over 15 points, with Kristaps Porzingis leading the way with 28 points and 11 rebounds. Jayson Tatum put up 25 points while Jaylen Brown put up 19 points, along with both Jrue Holiday and Derrick White putting in 18 points apiece.

Are The Lakers Too Far Gone?

Without any more help on the horizon, the Lakers need to either start winning with this roster or make big changes to give LeBron James and Anthon Davis one last chance at contention. The pair have paid the Lakers’ faith back in him by not only staying healthy but playing at a very consistent high level all season long.

Davis has previously stressed the fact that the Lakers need to find a way to get things done regardless of how challenging it might be. 

“There’s no break coming, there’s no help coming, there’s no cavalry. We got to do it within this locker room. We got everyone back. We just got to find a way to get in the win column.”

The team does make sense on paper, with solid spacing and very good defensive personnel. But both sides of the ball haven’t been played consistently by the Lakers. The second they find their rhythm again, like we did during the In-Season Tournament, the Lakers will be back threatening the West again.

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