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Stephen Curry’s Rise to NBA Stardom: The Inspiring Role of His Mother’s Guidance

Publicly Pretending Yet Crying in a Closet, Stephen Curry’s Mom Confessed “Bitter” Truth on “Defiant” Phase in Marriage: “I Don’t Wanna Be an NBA Wife” 

Being married to an NBA player comes with a cost. While it might look picturesque to the outside world, the turmoil unfolding within oneself is rarely reflected. And who knows this better than 4x NBA Champion Stephen Curry‘s mother, Sonya Curry? Sonya Curry was married to Charlotte Hornets legend Dell Curry for 33 years before they decided to go separate ways. To step out of the shadows of her estranged husband and show the world who Sonya Curry really is, she released a memoir detailing her struggles.

During an interview shortly after the release of her book, Sonya opened up about the constant pressure of being in the public eye. She divulged the struggles of having to deal with the limelight—the attention she did not ask for – and how societal expectations were weighing her down.

Sonya Curry on constantly being in the limelight

The Curry clan is one of the most popular families in the league, commonly known as the “First NBA Family”. That sort of recognition comes with a fair share of struggles. The struggle Sonya Curry has chronicled in her book ‘Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith and Purpose’. 

During a conversation with Carlette Christmas about her book, Sonya revealed how public attention affected her. She said, “That’s what people see. But they don’t have a clue what you know is happening at night time and the times in the closet crying, of situations and nobody ever knowing but coming out the next day. It’s like putting on the mask of being the first NBA family. All that kind of stuff and people are saying these things, and you’re going – wait, did y’all ask us if that’s what we wanted to be like? We didn’t ask for this, and then you start listening to them, and then you start trying to perform to meet those expectations.”

She continued, “The next thing you know you’re like ‘Oh this isn’t us right?’ and then you get a little bitter, and then you’re like okay I’m just going to be defiant against. I went through all of those phases of making bad decisions because there’s times when I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be an NBA wife.’” Sonya then revealed how spirituality and turning to God saved her during the difficult times.

Stephen Curry’s mother reveals how she overcame the difficult times

Sonya had resorted to worldly things when she was going through a difficult period in her life. She was questioning a lot of things in her life and making one bad decision after another. During this time, it was God that helped her see the light. “It changed my whole life…I focused in on raising my children. Got really close with the Lord. I mean, he just transformed me during that time and it was just beautiful.”

In the end, everything worked out for Sonya Curry, who not only successfully raised three extremely talented children, but has also found her purpose in life. She is not just a mother of three, but also a successful author, educator, and founder of a Montessori School.